Sunday, July 28, 2013


Seemingly befitting that my first review would be for a last celebration. From next year onward Husband informs me that we will no longer be celebrating our "relationship" anniversary and that it will be a wedding anniversary that we will celebrate from here on.

How depressing.

One less occasion to go out and spoil ourselves. One less occasion that I get to go out and splurge on something for myself, and out of guilt pick something small up for him.

First world problem, sigh.

We decided to go to Seamstress for dinner to celebrate as on Urbanspoon they had a 50% off deal, so being the sometimes thrifty wife that I am. I decided to book it for our 10 year anniversary.

As someone who works closely with OH&S, when I first went up the stairs to get to the restaurant area I was surprised to see a waiter standing on the counter top, hanging coats and jackets up from a bar suspended from the ceiling. What if some loud boisterous customers walk through the door and he gets a surprise and falls over? I relayed this back to Husband and he told me to stop being silly and that the waiters obviously know how to do their job and that not everyone gets startled by loud noises like I do.

Seamstress have set their menu up where you can order any of the dishes in S, M or L. Whilst Husband and I sat down and thought about what we should order, which sizing and trying to juggle size of dishes with preferences our waiter came by and asked what we would like to order. We explained that we wanted to try (Husband likes pork, I like seafood and dessert) but worried about how to optimise sizing so we're not fighting over the last scallop on the plate. He was brilliant at suggesting sizing and was realistic about which dishes were better to have more of and others not. So note this reader: when going through the menu simply tell waiter what you would like to try and leave them to decide sizing for you.

So what did we decide to have?

Betel Leaf with confit duck leg & pickled mango Miangsom.

This was a light entree which had a good balance of flavours.

Crisp soft shell crab, apple & wombok slaw with sriracha mayonnaise. 

As you can see Husband got a little too hungry after gobbling up the duck so as soon as this hit the table it was BOOM! He started to munch before I could take a photo! I enjoyed this dish - but it wasn't the best soft shell crab that I have had. I personally think it was because the batter wasn't crispy enough it was a little too thick. 

 Schimi fried Oysters, shiso, wasabi & yuzu dressing. 

These oysters were really soft and melt in your mouth. 

Twelve hour braised Berkshire pork belly, celeriac salad & kohlrabi kimchi. 

This was a medium serving and Husband and I got a piece each. I was disappointed by the the pork belly, the skin was a little too chewy and I just felt it lacked something. As for the celeric salad - be warned I found it quite spicy.  

 House made red curry, marinated kataifi wrapped tofu, winter mushrooms, baby corn, Thai eggplant and bok choi.

 I don't think I would order this dish again. The curry was quite thick, it was more of a paste like texture and it lacked depth in flavour. I also must mention that the rice was really dense, the water to rice ratio was out of whack! 

Elderflower and white chocolate pot de creme, coco nib tuile, honeycomb & mango sorbet.
Chocolate Trio – Peanut mango brownie, cointreau mousse, chili truffle.

Desserts fared a bit better, Husband loved his dessert which is the top one. Mango sorbet was bang on with a  good balance of tartness and a good aroma of mango. The pot de creme had a beautiful texture to it. I enjoyed my mousse, it was divine. Whilst the brownie had good flavour it was rock hard, it took me a good amount of fiddling with my spoon to break it apart. Chilli truffle was interesting, I didn't love it, but I don't mind it. 

Overall, would I come back? To be honest, for 50% off I thought I got good value the whole meal only set us back around $75 including drinks. At full price, I do believe there is better to be had at around the same price mark in Melbourne CBD. It's tough competition out there and they need to step up the quality of their food. A plus for them is that offer small, medium and large servings of their dishes which allows you to tailor your meal accordingly.  

Seamstress on Urbanspoon

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